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About Us

All Valley Solar, Inc. has installed and serviced over 7,000 top quality solar systems in Southern California since 1986. The President of All Valley Solar, Ted Bavin, is one of the early pioneers of solar thermal technology, and one of the first C-46 solar contractor licensees in the state.  Ted often travels to Sacramento to meet with state legislators and public officials to promote the benefits of solar energy over fossil fuels.  Ted is widely considered to be an Expert in both solar hot water (thermal) and solar electric (photovoltaic) systems.

Ted Bavin, President & Owner, All Valley Solar





Ted Bavin has over 37 years of solar experience, and was one of the first C46 Solar licensees granted in California (1986). Ted is one of the pioneers of solar hot water in Southern California. Ted is the undisputed authority on both the CSI Commercial Rebate and advanced solar Drainback technology.  With considerable training in solar electric as well, Ted is extremely proficient at analyzing the economics and installation needs of both thermal and photovoltaic solar. He is currently writing a book (working title, “How To Buy Solar”). He has also published articles on the terrific ROI for commercial solar systems for the Apartment Owner’s Association magazine, Apartment Management Magazine, and Coin Laundry News.


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ted received his Bachelor’s Degree in Geography-Ecosystems from U.C.L.A. in 1975.  Shortly thereafter, he discovered solar to be a practical alternative to conventional sources of energy.  Over the next 10 years, occupying positions with various solar companies, he garnered an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise, becoming a top expert in the field of solar pool and hot water heating, teaching classes at several universities.  Ted formed All Valley Solar with the firm conviction of providing only the highest quality systems at reasonable costs.


Benefits of All Valley Solar

     1.  Use of long-lasting, low maintenance “Drainback” systems.

     2.  Skillful in maximizing your CSI Rebate.

     3.  Precise calculation of your cost savings, profits, and ROI.

     4.  Experts in solar thermal hot water & solar electric photovoltaic systems.

     5.  Great customer service, from installation through maintenance!

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Ted Bavin, President & CEO
All Valley Solar


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