Commercial Solar Services

To date, we have installed thousands of solar thermal panels on dozens of apartment complexes in the Los Angeles basin, and secured over $1 million in cash rebates for our customers through the CSI permit program (SoCal Gas).  Our system engineers are expert at all kinds of solar solutions and energy saving products, and will objectively assess your needs.  Click here for an article by Ted Bavin on Solar for Apartment buildings, printed in the Apartment Owners Association magazine, in October 2013. 


The 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit applies to Solar Thermal as well as PV. In addition, the State of California has in place a cash rebate program for solar thermal systems, which is being jointly administered by the four utility companies in a coordinated program called the California Solar Initiative (CSI). Commercial entities such as Laundromats, food-processing plants, restaurants, spas, motels, multi-family apartment buildings and condominiums, government buildings and military bases can receive a cash rebate of up to $500,000, in addition to the tax credit. The CSI rebate covers from 50% to 80% of the cost of a large installation, resulting in ROI’s of 1 to 6 years, and tremendous cost savings from reduced gas usage, which translates to higher profits for owners!

Example: Lombardi Apartments Solar System

For this 127-unit apartment building in Woodland Hills, California, All Valley Solar installed 35 SunEarth EP-40 solar hot water panels on an existing, reconditioned tank, converting the system to drainback- type system, for an annual energy savings of 5,355 therms, and a cash rebate of $77,750!


All Valley Solar has over 37 years of experience installing solar systems.  We are active in the solar community working with utilities and building departments to streamline and improve the permitting process, government rebates, and the overall quality of the solar experience.


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To our knowledge, All Valley Solar has applied for and completed more CSI cash rebate jobs than any other SoCalGas contractor, showing our expertise in maximizing rebates and ROI.



We typically use glazed flat plate SunEarth solar thermal collectors (Thermoray and Empire series), as they are made with copper tubing, and are durable and efficient. The 35-year old company is local to Fontana, California, and they have an excellent product warranty.  SunEarth is the largest thermal manufacturer in the U.S.



When the State of California decided to bring back solar thermal rebates, a mandate requiring that systems be freeze-proof was included.  Our drainback systems feature:

  • Reliable, efficient performance, with just one moving part:  a pump.

  • No semi-toxic glycol to break-down and require testing and  replacement: just plain inert water.

  • Whenever the pump is off, the collectors are always empty by gravity, which never fails us, eliminating both freeze and overheat problems.

  • Unpressurized tanks are less expensive, last for decades and are rectangular, fitting where other round tanks cannot.

Product Warranty - All Valley Solar uses only the highest quality, lowest maintenance solar products. For example, the SunEarth liquid flat plate Empire Series collector has a 10-year manufacturers warranty. Both thermal and electric systems typically last over 30 years!  The High Sierra Drainback tank carries a limited warranty.  For solar electric, we usually use the SunPower X Series PV Panel with its 25-year limited warranty for both residential and commercial installations.


All Valley Solar Warranty - All of our solar systems come with a 10-year warranty against 15% performance degradation.  All Valley Solar warranties all parts and labor for three years.


Repairs & Service Calls - At All Valley Solar customer service is priority number one, and you can reach us 24/7 via telephone in case of emergency.  Our installers and maintenance crews are professional, responsive, and friendly.


Licensed, Bonded, Insured - All Valley Solar is fully licensed with the California Contractors State License Board (#499720), Bonded, and Insured.  We strive to create highly efficient systems that will remain maintenance-free for decades. We are a locally-based company with over 37 years of solar installation experience and 100% customer satisfaction.