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Los Angeles Solar, Solar Hot Water Los Angeles

Solar Los Angeles

Need to hire a solar installer?  All Valley Solar, Inc. has installed commercial and residential solar systems for decades in Southern California, and we have secured over $2 million in rebates for our customers through the SoCal Gas-administered California Solar Initiative. Our President, Ted Bavin, has over 37 years of solar experience, and was one of the first C-46 Solar Contractor licensees in California.  Our expert solar crews work throughout San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, Inland Empire, Ventura, Palmdale/Lancaster, Riverside, San Bernardino, Catalina Island, Orange County, Palm Springs, and many other areas in Southern California, and parts of the Bay Area and Central Valley.

We provide 100% customer satisfaction as evidenced by our "A" ratings on Angie's List and Home Advisor.   Call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE for any NEW system:  800-400-7780.


All Valley Solar offers TURNKEY SOLAR SYSTEMS, including:


  1. Free Estimates, Bids, and Sales Calls – we offer free estimates to contractors, owners, and developers looking for bids on commercial or residential solar hot water, solar electric, solar radiant floor heating, and solar pool heating.

  2. Design & Engineering - our professional engineers and experienced solar designers will develop a solar system design that complies with local building codes and CSI regulations.

  3. Installation – our hardworking and efficient crew of installers has installed hundreds of solar systems throughout the SoCal area, and will arrive with all the necessary equipment to install your system efficiently and effectively.

  4. Service & Maintenance – we provide excellent customer service and system maintenance, and are on call 24/7 for emergencies.

  5. Monitoring – we install monitoring equipment on your solar system to measure energy saved.

  6. Financing - we have close connections to lease, loan, Power Purchase Agreement, and LA PACE program financing for our customers.

Solar Hot Water - Solar Pool Heating - Solar Radiant Floors - Solar Electric

All Valley Solar provides solar hot water, solar thermal, solar pool heating, solar radiant floor heating, and solar electric photovoltaic power systems throughout Southern California including Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernadino, San Diego Counties and parts of Central Valley and the Bay area. All Valley Solar is a licensed C-46 solar contractor.

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